06 Jul 2020
31 Aug 2020
9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Zoo League

Welcome! Please take a seat, the one and only “Animal League” will shortly begin, you will witness the most powerful challenges ever! Stay seated and enjoy watching our beloved animals. Here we go, we can see some of them showing off their skills, a smart technique to get inside your competition head and win! Do you hear the crowd’s enthusiasm? Look at them cheering and waiting for our exceptional event.


First Round:

Here we can see the Ostrich advancing with her fluffed feathers reflecting her majestic beauty and agility, while in front of her the 6-meter long Crocodile, so huge and looks really strong. The Ostrich looks focused and the Crocodile is still showing off while a round full of surprises await them. The Crocodile show continues, where he entertains the crowd by showing off his muscles and tail with a great big smile, not to forget that he is a skillful swimmer. We raised the flag to announce the beginning of the first round. The Ostrich is running so fast leaving the Crocodile behind but, the Crocodile never surrenders as he crawls quickly to show us his marvelous diving capabilities to catch up with the Ostrich. At the first barrier, the Hippo Lake, the Crocodile continues swimming quietly disguised as a trunk-like shape, while the Ostrich tries to fly with no hope. The Ostrich decided to give her 100% as she sprinted at a speed of 70 / km, winning the round against the Crocodile who preferred enjoying his dive. Congratulations to the Ostrich!


Second Round:

The second round of this competition started now in which the Giraffe and the Cheetah compete against each other. They wave with elegance to the cheering crowds. This spotted animal round is different where a special course is set, can you see the tall savannah in the very muddy land? Let’s see who will amaze us this round. The flag was raised announcing the start. The Giraffe advances with ease, her long neck with the 7 only vertebrae, and her strong legs make this round looks like a pleasant journey, while we cannot find a trace of the Cheetah. The Giraffe stopped to drink some water form a close-by the pond and… what! The Cheetah just jumped charmingly to the next barrier! His strong claws and the long tail are helping him in turning swiftly without a stop leaving a cloud of dust behind. While the Giraffe is trying to climb the hill, the Cheetah reaches the finish line amid the shouts of our great crowds


Final Round:

The final and most difficult course awaits our contestants, where the Ostrich and the Cheetah will compete. This round will be full of surprises & obstacles! The Ostrich and the Cheetah are standing on the starting line in front of an estuary with dangerous rocky curves. Can you see the tension on the Ostrich؟ While the Cheetah is thinking and recalculating his options. Let the final round begins! The Cheetah advances gracefully and jumps to the first rock while the Ostrich finds a bumpy safest road that needs agility. Until now the Cheetah is in wining and leaving the Ostrich behind. The next challenge is passing the Gnu’s heard! Contestants either have the choice to walk between the herd, which is dangerous, or wait for it to cross? The Ostrich is simply waiting and cannot risk her life, but the Cheetah jumps among the heard to precede the Ostrich to the next obstacle. It’s the savannah again, but there are small holes that may make crossing this barrier a bit challenging. The Ostrich runs easily through this obstacle while the cheetah jumps and tries to reach the finish line while showing off to the crowds, he falls into one of the small holes. While both of them are only meters away from winning this league, the Ostrich chooses no other option but to win. Her commitment and focus got her to the finish line before the Cheetah! What an overwhelming victory! The Ostrich expresses her love to the crowds and proves that life depends not only on strength but also on believing in your ability to achieve whatever you dream for. Congratulations!