Educational Programs at Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre

This new and unique building is one of the most important developments in the field of education, not only in the UAE but also in the Middle East region. Students can explore interactive and immersive exhibits and enjoy multimedia experiences that were created especially for the Zoo, drawing on the latest research from experts and world-class specialists in their fields. The Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre is the first building in the United Arab Emirates to achieve a maximum rating of five pearls in the ‘Estidama’ sustainability system. We also demonstrated our application of the most demanding sustainability standards set by the Abu Dhabi Council for Planning in gaining a Platinum LEED certification. SZDLC programs focus on sharing the insights of the founder of the UAE, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The story of the UAE desert is told in an interactive and integrated manner, including explorations into archaeology and sustainability, taking us on an insightful and fun journey through the past, present, and future of the UAE. This story is presented via various exhibitions and educational programs.


These tours are offered to students from grade 1 to grade 12. The tour is led by one of the Zoo’s education program section staff who will take students on an educational, exploratory trip through the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre to learn about 5 different interactive exhibitions.

  • The maximum student group of 60 per educational guided tour.
  • Tour Fees: AED 31.50 for each student including VAT. With every 10 students, one adult admission is allowed from the package.
  • Students of Determination are allowed to enter with an assistant, free of charge if the ID of the assistant/carer is presented.
  • On this tour, a member of the Education Department staff takes students on an expedition to learn about five different interactive exhibits.
  • The tour includes an educational program chosen from the educational booklet.
  • The tour takes between one and two hours, in coordination with the tour operators.
  • You can enjoy the Zoo’s facilities with the students after completing the educational tour in the Centre, during which time the teacher/assistant will be responsible for supervising the students.



This tour is offered for students from grade 1. A self-guided tour is a tour on which school staff and supervisors are wholly responsible for planning an exciting and enjoyable educational trip for their students in the Zoo or the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre, along with all the park facilities.

  • Tour Fees: AED 10.50 (tax incl.) per student. With every 10 students, one admission for a teacher/assistant is allowed from the package.
  • The teaching staff is solely responsible for planning and supervising students during this tour.
  • Permission included being present in all public areas of the park, including picnic and play areas.
  • Students can enjoy attending the bird show during its season without any additional fees.
  • Students can attend interactive activities with animals according to the schedule that will be sent to tour organizers by the reservations officer when a booking is made.


Grade 3 to 5 Programmes


1- World of Fossils

Fossils provide a valuable record of the plant and animal life and environmental conditions from millions, even billions of years ago. Fossils have an important role to play in our understanding of the deep history of the region. In this program, students will learn to recognize the differences between an archaeologist and a paleontologist, the different steps of making fossils, and features a special tour to look at some samples of fossils found in Abu Dhabi.


2- Rocks

Rocks provide us with many benefits, but the characteristics of these rocks must be taken into consideration to determine those most suitable for their purpose. In this program, students learn about different kinds of rocks and their formation and examine some samples of each type.


3- Falaj System

Water is vital for life. In this program, students learn how people used to survive in the harsh desert environment, the different irrigation systems used, especially the Falaj system, and the amazing structures people built to make life easier.


4- Food Chain

Many plants and animals live in the Abu Dhabi desert, and they have adapted to help them survive in this harsh environment. In this program, students will learn about food chains, how living things rely on each other for food, and how energy is moved from one living thing to another through a range of interactive activities.


5- Who am I?

Do you like animals?

Would you like more information about conservation programs?

In this program, students will gain new and interesting information about different animals. They will also learn about animal conservation programs in the Zoo, how these programs contribute to the conservation of wildlife in the United Arab Emirates and how these efforts all contribute to maintaining the natural balance of life on earth.


6- Flora & Fauna of the Desert

Abu Dhabi Emirate is known for the variety of biomes, such as mountains, caves, desert, and coastal, and each has a different biological diversity. In this program, students learn about the different animals and plants in each environment and their classifications.


Grade 6 to 9 Programmes


1- Sustainability

Why should people be sustainable?

What is renewable and non-renewable energy?

In this program, students will learn about the concept of sustainability, types of energy sources and their impact on the planet, the concept of the carbon footprint, and how to reduce it.


2- Earth’s Surface

The Earth's surface is the part of our planet that we all interact with every day. In this program, students learn, by looking closely at sand dunes in an interactive way, that the Earth's surface is shaped into various landforms by gravity, wind, water, and the movements of Earth's crust.


3- Green House

Greenhouses have many benefits for the environment. In this program, students will learn about the characteristics of the greenhouse through various activities.


4- Adaptation of Desert Plant & Animal Cells

An adaptation is a characteristic of a living thing that helps it survive in its environment. In this program, students learn about the main characteristics of animal and plant cells and how they have adapted to their environments.


Grade 10 to 12 programs


1- Global Warming

One of the most important problems facing the world today is global warming. In this program, students will learn about global warming and discuss the causes and the risks. Also, they will learn some steps that they can take to decrease their impact on the environment.


2- Archaeology World

Archaeology focuses on understanding the many ways people of the past lived. In this program, students will learn how people in the past lived and understand how scientists study people who lived hundreds and even thousands of years ago. They will look closely at the tools that archaeologists and lots more use.


3- Environmental Studies and Research

Scientists have a great role in studying nature around us and increasing people's knowledge. In this program, students will learn about the importance of various environmental studies and research and will focus on 3 main stations that talk about the study of plants and monitoring of specific types of endangered animals that have helped preserve nature.

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