to all reputable companies 

The Zoo & Aquarium Public Institution in Al Ain / Al Ain Zoo / Al Ain Safari (together to be called the "Institution") is pleased to invite reputable companies with activities compatible with the opportunities presented herein below to express their interest by sending to the mentioned email, and highlight the investment opportunities they with to participate in.


Kindly express your interest through the below email


Investment Opportunities

  • Develop and operate a sports area that includes, Hiring and maintenance of mountain bikes, commercial shops and outdoor playing pitches
  • To invest in and operate one/all of the restaurants in the zoo
  • To invest in and operate one/all of the kiosks for the provision of pre-packed and ready food and beverages inside the Park.
  • To invest in and operate a shopping oasis in the World Desert Project area
  • To invest in and operate the Sand Cat Cafe at Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre
  • To invest in and operate a Cafe in the Children's Discovery Garden located within the World Desert Project area
  • To invest and operate in retail shops


The institution shall invite all qualified companies who expressed their interest in different opportunities to visit the location and discuss the mechanism of executing the offered opportunities :

  • This announcement is integral to any agreement to be concluded between the institution and the companies participating in the investment opportunities.
  • The institution shall have the right to invite companies that suite their requirements.
  • This announcement does not constitute any obligation on the institution to enter into agreement with any of the participating companies.
  • The Institution shall not be responsible for any cost incurred by the participating companies as the result of this announcement.