Our Zaafarana

I can hear the beautiful sounds of the happiness bell; here I come! So excited to meet you All, Oh sorry I forgot to introduce myself; I am Zaafarana, a Rothschild giraffe. I am 13 years old in the giraffe world; this is the age of an adult as I am a mommy to one of the most gorgeous little giraffes in the world Macelia. Macelia come closer we have visitors, she is a little shy because she is a bit shorter than the other giraffes and me, but she is so cute don't you think so? yummy thank you for the carrots, it's my favorite food unless you have some alfalfa in your bag! Oh, if you find my face and spots familiar, this is because you can find me in many family memories, not to forget that my photo went viral as phone wallpaper, lucky me, don't you think!


Do you know that my name Zaafarana, which Al Ain Zoo’s social media followers gave me, is from saffron, yes I am precious, and my loving keepers will always remind me of how important I am by caring and providing me with everything I ever wanted in a home. I was born in Al Ain Zoo to my Dad Simba and my Mom Henna, and what a happy giraffe baby I was. Now I am a mother to Macelia that you just met.


You might ask where I come from initially, well that's easy, Africa. My species is considered one of the endangered species in the wild; Al Ain Zoo is committed to increase our numbers and protect us from extinction by caring for and carrying different breeding programs. But, unfortunately, our natural habitat in all of Africa kept shrinking and shrinking, making it hard for many giraffes to live. Not to forget the increased poaching that is threatening my relatives and threatening many other dear animals.


Check out my long neck, and my tall structure, I have also a very strong long tongue that is famous in many selfies! People think it's funny but little they know! This tongue is so tough, it allows me to eat any type of plant without fearing any spikes! 


You might think that all giraffes look the same, No my friend, please look closer; it is super easy to distinguish us from other giraffes as we own a unique colored coat. If you noticed the orange-brown patches all over my coat, you would see it less jagged and sharp in shape, and the base color of my coat is creamier than seen in other giraffes; additionally, our lower legs do not show any patches or marking, just like we are wearing light-colored socks.


Being almost 6-meter-tall, we look like watchtowers amongst other animals, we can spot predators from very far distances and run for our lives, and when other animals see us running, they start fleeing in the same direction. Oh, and do you know that a giraffe herd is called a tower? Yes, fits like a glove! 


Oops! I think it's time to meet another family, please my friend, always visit me at the Giraffe feeding experience, and don’t forget to pass by my neighbors in Al Ain Safari. It's Zoolebrities selfie time with the famous tongue out!