This program aims to raise awareness of the important role that the Al Ain Zoo plays in providing opportunities for graduate students to obtain the professional skills and knowledge required for a career life. The program designed for graduate students who are required to complete a specific number of hours to graduate and provide them with the required knowledge and skills for future careers. 


For who program:

This program has been designed for all UAE nationality students from different universities and colleges, who are required to complete training hours’ to graduate from several specialties such as tourism, animal care, environment, and other administrative specialties. Al-Ain Zoo is an ideal environment to invest talent and use the time. It is one of the best-added destinations on the local and international tourism map, in addition to its role in preserving animals and preserving nature.


Internship Terms and conditions



  • Applicants should be 18 years and above
  • Applicants must pass an interview and security clearance to be accepted for any position
  • Students will receive a certificate of appreciation after the completion of work placement hours
  • All work ethics and code of conduct for the organization is applicable to students
  • The total training hours during the day will be upon agreement between the line manager and the students.



Some of the opportunities for work placement include:

  • Animal Care: helping staff to take care of animals, animal food receiving, and handling laboratory samples.
  • Animal Conservation: educating guests about wildlife conservation and help the team in conducting awareness workshops.
  • Guest Services: Tour Guiding, greeting guests, answering guest questions, and conducting surveys.
  • Zoo Events: assisting the Events team with various conservation and community events throughout the year.
  • Other Departments: Human Resources, General Services, Marketing & Corporate Communication.

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