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Al Ain Zoo takes health and safety very seriously and expects people in charge of children to act responsibly. When visiting the zoo with your school class, please note: 

  • Children must be supervised throughout their visit and we recommend at least one adult to supervise every 10 children.
  • Children must understand what standard of behavior is expected and who is responsible for the group.
  • The accompanying adults must understand that they are responsible for the behavior of the children in their charge.


  • Dangerous animals, risk of being bitten
    Controls: Warning signs on enclosures; safety barriers in place; feeding of animals is prohibited. 
  • Contact with animals and animal artifacts, risk of disease contraction or accidental injury 
    Controls:Hand-cleansing facilities available in places where there is direct contact with animals; wash basins provided in Giraffe feeding area; warning and advisory signs displayed; feeding the animals and unplanned contact with animals is prohibited; contact with animals is supervised by Education Centre and zoo staff; if soap is unavailable in dispenser, please make a staff member of the zoo aware.
  • Darkness in the Nocturnal House risk of injury from collisions and tripping.
    Controls: Go slowly to adjust eyes to light level signage; warning signs are placed at the entrance
  • Climbing on railings, fencing, walls, seating, raised garden areas, pillars, trees, posts and sculptures risk of injury from falling
    Controls: Active supervision by teachers and zoo staff 
  • Electric fencing around some enclosures risk of injury from electric shock
    Controls: Electric fence warning signage 
  • Play areas 
    Controls: Active supervision by parent and school staff; supervision in accordance with the recommended ratio is an expectation
  • Zoo vehicles risk of being hit by zoo vehicle
    Controls: Site speed limit: driver training and experience

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