Penguin Parade on the World's Coolest Winter!

Don't bother traveling to Chile and Peru's rocky coasts to get a glimpse of the most adorable penguins of all; you can now watch the famous Humboldt penguins in a face-to-face experience this winter at our zoo! In a lovely huge parade led by the brave and curious Pingo”, one of our penguin zoo babies but for sure the most famous one of all! Our penguins don't need ice; they just enjoy the chilly winter weather and soft grass while happily surprising you with a parade of action and fun! Do not miss our new & winter-exclusive “Penguin Parade experience and enjoy watching them while listening to their keeper talk. Share your photos and videos overall social media platforms under the hashtag #WorldsCoolestWinter.


Penguin Parade: 
Available: Daily
Time: 4:00 PM
Location: Bird show arena