21 Apr 2020
01 Dec 2020
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

The Festive Farfar “Orange Tecoma”

Plants have always enchanted people and attracted their curiosity from the early years of humanity. We used plants as food, bait, shade, shelter, decoration, and much more! Have you ever noticed the great relationship humans developed with plants? Plants were our ancestor’s first aid, & we still depend on them to extract cures to our illnesses. The Farfar, with its stunning orange flowers, is one of these plants that considered a magical cure for all gastric disorders. 

The Farfar, or Tecomella Undulata which you can enjoy watching all over our spacious zoo, is a unique looking tree from the Bignonlaceae family, it can reach 7 meters in height with rough bark, and drooping branches that start spreading to carry its large yellow-orange gorgeous flowers. The Farfar flowers are uniquely shaped, they look like a trumpet. Speaking of musical instruments, Farfar tree will be a great backdrop if you want to play the violin or maybe guitar while the wind moves its delicate flowers.  

We encourage you to spend a day with your little ones to plant a Farfar tree at your backyard. It blooms from January to April, which means gathering around its beauty for a quarter year, especially after a nice rain shower. Such a tree will take many of you back to childhood memories, as it is part of many cultures. It’s planted widely in UAE, Oman, Pakistan & India.  

Are you eager to know more about Farfar? Whenever it’s possible, a stroll around our zoo will teach you a lot about Farfar and many other native & exotic plants that are planted to help in global conservational efforts. Take as many selfies with our rich colorful plants and share them on your social media with a glimpse of their magnificent secrets.